Do Something, Drink Something, See Something

Day-Trippin’ at Starr Hill Brewery

Seeing as one of the best breweries in the country is less than a 2 hour drive from home, we had a full weekend planned!

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Do Something, Sew Something

I made my first floor pillow…

That’s right I did it, made my first floor pillow!  Not only was this my first sewing project, but the very first project I’ve completed with my brand new sewing machine! (Thank you Hubs) Continue reading “I made my first floor pillow…”

Do Something

Date Night – Dinner at Station 2 (Hubby’s Review)

Tonight, my wife and I visited the Station 2 – Burgers, Fire & Brew restaurant. This building used to be an old firehouse that has been converted into a restaurant with a wide open dining area with an inviting atmosphere. As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted promptly and shown to our table. The interior was simple and modern with a twist of hipster flare. Continue reading “Date Night – Dinner at Station 2 (Hubby’s Review)”

Cook Something, Do Something

Sushi at Home – Date or Family Night

Sushi at home, Tuna Roll...

Although I have made Sushi a few times before, I am so glad I did a little research and a little chatting about a few secrets to making really good sushi!!

I wanted  focused on a few keys things, good rice, good grades of fish, uniform slices of veggies, and a good sharp knife.

For tonight’s sushi, I am making 5 rolls.  My sweet husband and I have chosen tuna, salmon and imitation crab meat.  Tuna will be used to make both a spicy tuna roll and a regular tuna roll.  Salmon will be used for a salmon roll. And of course, the California roll calls for the imitation crab.

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