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Lunch at Sugar & Twine

I spent a beautiful, although windy, Saturday in Carytown.  My first stop was Perception Organic Spa for a bit of self TLC. Perception was warm and inviting, adding to the relaxing experience was the aroma therapy diffusers, the thoughtful staff and a quirky Spotify stream.


Then I headed over to Sugar & Twine, a sweet little spot for fresh baked goodness and a delicious iced coffee. I was looking for a little bit of warm cheesiness and found just that  in the Fontina and Mushroom sandwich.  A fresh and super soft focaccia bread served as a tasty vessel for a blend of fontina cheese and mushrooms.  Tucked in to my plate was a sweet little treat, a chocolate chip cookie.  Simple and with a pinch of salt, the cookie was absolutely delicious and unexpected.  Honestly, I just can’t wait to take my mom here and catch up over lunch and some sugary goodness.


I was walking back to my car when I suddenly remembered that I wanted to hang a sharp left and head over to Mongrel.  This is one of the few shops in Carytown that I can say I have shopped at from my teens on in to my adultness. So many of the little shops in Richmond have changed hands, changed focus or closed completely but Mongrel has remained not just a constant but a favorite for quite some time now.  I can always find that special kitschy gift.  Here are a few of my favorites from this trip.


Thanks for reading and joining me for a Saturday in RVA.  Checkout the shops and restaurants in Carytown by clicking here.

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