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5 ingredient Pico de Gallo

My go to for any given night is “Tex-Mex”

I say “Tex-Mex” because I am under no illusions that my version of anything “Mexican” is heavily influenced by my southern American heritage and in no way truly authentic.  That being said, I have perfected my Pico de Gallo recipe and it has become quite the staple at our home and a party/cookout favorite.

The key with this recipe, as with many, is to let the flavors marry.  To marry the flavors it must sit for about an hour or so before serving with the occasional stir.

What you’ll need:

5-6 medium Roma Tomatoes, diced

1 medium Red Onion, small dice

1 bunch of Cilantro, rough chopped

2 medium Garlic Cloves, finely diced

1 large Lime 


Start by quartering and cleaning the tomatoes, discarding the seeds and any white parts of the core.  I like a small dice, but large enough to hold its shape.  I take each quarter and make 4 long slices lengthwise then proceed to cut across to create the dice.


Toss diced tomatoes with the red onion and garlic that has been diced.  Mix in the juice of one lime and cilantro that has been rough chopped. 




Either cover or place in a Tupperware container with a tight lid and refrigerate for about an hour.  Stir or toss occasionally.  Taste to check seasonings, spice it up a bit if you like with either crushed red peppers flakes or diced jalapeno.

Serve with chips, over chicken, with tacos… the possibilities are endless!




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