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Date Night – Dinner at Station 2 (Hubby’s Review)

Tonight, my wife and I visited the Station 2 – Burgers, Fire & Brew restaurant. This building used to be an old firehouse that has been converted into a restaurant with a wide open dining area with an inviting atmosphere. As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted promptly and shown to our table. The interior was simple and modern with a twist of hipster flare. The table we sat at had the, now closed, hole where the old fireman’s pole used to be. Also, adding to the design of the interior were just a few relics from the old station like a fire hose and some nozzles.

We started our meal with their “Beer Cheese” appetizer for us both, a glass of house wine for my wife and a Breakfast Stout for me.  Our waiter was very courteous and checked back with our table fairly often to see if we needed anything else. This also could have been because it was 5:30pm and there was only a dozen other people scattered throughout the restaurant. When the appetizer came to the table, we were excited to try it out because we had never heard of “Beer Cheese” and according to the menu; it came with a soft pretzel to dip in the sauce. Unfortunately, when the appetizer was presented to us, it had slightly toasted chopped hamburger buns which looked as though they were the cheapest buns you can find at Kroger. The dipping sauce was not thick at all and it also had no flavor what-so-ever. I tried to add salt and pepper to the sauce but the sauce was so thin that the seasoning fell straight to the bottom.

Shortly after we finished pecking at the appetizer, our entrée’s showed up. My wife had the BBQ Barista Burger and I had the Black & Bleu. The burgers were about 3.5oz and cost $9 but they did pack a lot of flavor. The BBQ Barista was a coffee rubbed burger and the Black & Blue came with bacon & onion rings. The Blue cheese they used was moist, extremely bitter, and very delicious. However, I can honestly say that I have had better for cheaper at many other places.

After we finished our entrée’s, we decided to try out one of the “Adult Milkshakes” so we chose the “Monkey Palm” which contained: chocolate ice cream, fresh bananas, peanut butter, bourbon, & hazelnut liqueur. It was beyond incredible and I highly recommend this item. When it came to the cleanliness of the restaurant, inside and out, I have to say that it was extremely clean. Both the interior & exterior look like they were painted yesterday. I can’t say how clean the bathroom is because neither of us used it during our visit but if I was to judge based on the rest of the environment, I would have to say that it was clean as well.

In conclusion, the overall meal and atmosphere were enjoyable. They had moderately priced beverages with an inventive take on gourmet burgers. Although, we would make different menu choices, we would definitely return to dine again.

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